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Biomechanics Assessment

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A Biomechanical assessment is used to identify causes of foot problems and involves a clinical gait evaluation which analyses how the muscles and bones in our lower limbs function when we stand, walk and run. This assessment involves an evaluation of the structure, function and alignment of the feet, ankles, knees and hips when both weight bearing and non-weight bearing activities are conducted. The body needs to be analysed as a complete unit as the foot is only one part of the system that enables us to move and function.

A Biomechanical assessment involves an evaluation of joint range of motion, muscle testing and static posture as well as gait analysis. A footwear assessment is also completed. All of this is done by our qualified podiatrists at our St. Ives location.

This assessment assists in finding the cause of pain in your feet or lower limbs and what treatment or further investigations are required.

The information gained from the Biomechanical assessment is used to formulate a treatment plan which may involve the following:- 


  • Prescription custom foot orthotics

  • Strengthening/stretching exercises

  • Advice on appropriate footwear

  • Modification or changes to footwear

  • Activity modification

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