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Footwear Assessment & Advice


Footwear plays an important role in keeping our feet well supported and protected. Footwear also has a vital role for people who have diseases affecting the health status of the lower limbs. Anyone who has poor circulation and/or diminished sensation in their feet can benefit from appropriate footwear. This includes people who have Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Peripheral Vascular Disease. Appropriate footwear can reduce pain, increase mobility and reduce risk of falls.

Choosing the correct footwear is an important part of caring for your feet, and it can be a difficult task, especially if you have to accommodate orthotics in the shoe, or if you have a medical condition that impacts on foot function.

At St Ives Podiatry & Sports Podiatry Centre, our podiatrists are qualified to prescribe the correct footwear that suits your individual needs. Our podiatrist’s assess the biomechanics, foot structure and the activity and lifestyle of each individual. It is advisable to bring a selection of footwear with you to your appointment, so that the podiatrist can examine them for wear marks and distortions. Our podiatrists will recommend the type of shoes that would suit your foot type and lifestyle. We can recommend appropriate shoes for sport, leisure, work, dress and casual activities, to match your foot type or orthotics prescription.

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