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Nail Procedure


An ingrown toenail is a nail that pierces or presses up against the skin surrounding the nail. It can cause redness and pain, if not treated correctly ingrown toe nails can result in infection. If an ingrown toe nail becomes a chronic problem, nail surgery is often recommended.

A Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA) is one of the most common nail procedures. The procedure is safe and effective and is completed in our rooms at St Ives Podiatry Centre. The procedure takes approximately one hour. After the procedure, patients are able to walk immediately with very little pain.

A PNA is performed in a sterile environment. Our podiatrists administer local anaesthetic to the toe to numb the area and a tourniquet is applied to the toe to control bleeding. The offending portion of nail is then lifted and removed. A chemical is used to assist in preventing nail regrowth. The tourniquet is removed and a sterile dressing applied.

At St Ives Podiatry Centre we advise that patients return for dressing changes and for monitoring of the healing process 3 days and 1 week after surgery.

Minimal pain relief is required after our toe nail surgery procedure.

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